A downloadable game for Windows

Rune Forge is a hybrid mix of minigames with the intense thrill of managing a store. Players are tasked with running a travelling magic shop and crafting runes, enchanted weapons, and other magical artifacts for the people of the villages and cities around the Kingdom. By crafting these magical artifacts through minigames, players can expand the capabilities of their workshop and go from startup apprentice to master craftsman. Along the way players will be able to meet with a wide variety of customers and helpers as they upgrade their house and improve their skills.


Christopher Peterson - Game Designer/Programmer

Monami Yang - Artist/UI Designer

Efren Aguilar - Audio Designer/Programmer

Edwin Ho - Programmer

Peter Truong - Programmer

Install instructions

To play the game, download the files and extract them to wherever you like using programs like 7Zip or Winrar. Then just launch the executable and have fun!


Rune Forge.7z 350 MB


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Gave me a virus...

It shouldn't have :p did your antivirus just think the exe was a random virus?

I deleted and re-downloaded it. Who knows what happened? I turned off one of my virus protection programs and it worked fine. DIdnt even trigger my other two. Thank you.