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In a post-apocalyptic Irvine, California, players must scavenge weapons and supplies in order to survive and escape the brutal concrete wasteland. However, they are being watched by the mysterious and omniscient Council, who sets upon devious traps in an attempt to kill the player at any given turn.

Not Quite Dead Yet is a top-down survival game based around the main concept that the player is always being watched and that there is a council of individuals trying to stop the player from collecting the tools and weapons they need to survive. This council is either the computer or the players that decide to join the game via the URL displayed on the in-game UI. Can you survive long enough to gain the necessary tools and weapons to win, or will you be outsmarted by the council?

Install instructions

Download the .zip file. Then launch the executable.


NotQuiteDeadYet_Data.zip 18 MB

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